Now what day is it?

new money issue
new money issue

#Hotel Kuki in #Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture.

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening.

This year's rainy season seems to be a dry rainy season. Temperatures are already as hot as August. It's hot! Kuki, you might say.

Well, do you know what day is 3 July?

There's a bit of excitement in Saitama!

Yes, it's the day when the new banknotes are issued. Did you know that?

Eiichi Shibusawa, who is associated with Saitama Prefecture, was involved in the establishment of 500 companies during his lifetime and is known as "the creator of modern Japan", was chosen as the portrait of the new 10,000 yen note. The portrait on the new 5,000 yen note was chosen for Umeko Tsuda, an educator who devoted her entire life to improving the status of women and women's education. Mr Shibasaburo Kitasato, a bacteriologist who developed a method to prevent and treat tetanus and is known as the 'father of modern Japanese medicine', was chosen for the portrait on the 1,000 yen note.

Why not take this opportunity to visit Saitama, the home of O Shibusawa? Although it is a little far away, you can stay at Hotel Kuki on that occasion.

Hotel Kuki is located in such a peaceful setting. Please spend a relaxing time away from the station, forgetting the modesty of the city.

For your accommodation needs, visit Hotel Kuki.



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Now what day is it?