How to enjoy your trip

How to enjoy your trip
How to enjoy your trip

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Good morning, good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening.

May is a month of fresh air. With azalea flowers blooming one after another and fresh green leaves, this season is full of energy.

Your days are busy with work, housework and leisure activities, but make sure you move well, eat well and rest well.

Here are some things you should be aware of so that you don't get into any boring trouble on your travels or business trips. In recent years, most travel agencies have made it easy to book on the web. However, each travel website has different quirks.

For overseas sites (AGODA, EXPEDOA, BOOKING.COM, etc.), the displayed price may indeed look cheap, but there are various conditions that make it look cheaper.

For example, they have conditions that the booking must never be changed or cancelled. If you jump in because the price is cheap, you will be in trouble later on, as you may not be able to make changes and have to pay a cancellation fee. Also, there are many cases where the room is not what you wanted, for example, you booked a non-smoking room, but it turned out to be a smoking room. It is better not to make a booking on an overseas website based on the price alone, but to check the contents of the booking carefully and thoroughly before making a reservation.

Invoices have recently become more important in cases like this. You can make payments on the internet, but many overseas sites do not support invoices, and there are requests for the front desk to do something about it, but in the unlikely event that the front desk issues one, it will result in a double receipt being issued, which can be problematic.

If you really need a receipt, it is better to pay locally. If you make a reservation on an overseas website and pay the hotel, the hotel will issue a receipt.

In this respect, domestic sites are in Japanese, points can be accumulated and used, and invoice receipts can be issued even for online payments. With the foreign system I've mentioned so far, the things you don't like about it will disappear.

However, even so, what both have in common is change/cancellation. It's different from site to site and hotel to hotel, so it's best to check well in advance. And it is not a good practice to check with the hotel about the website just because it is listed on the travel website. Check directly with the travel website where you made the reservation. Hotels rarely know everything.

It's a good time of year, so we hope you enjoy your business trip/travel and even your hotel life.


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