Taxi fare increases.

Fees for taxi bookings.
Fees for taxi bookings.

#Hotel Kuki in #Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture.

It's getting completely cold.

Suddenly, taxi fares are going to increase from 20 November, they announced as of 10 November.

Moreover, what used to be a free pre-booking fee now costs 300 yen. So, even if you think you can get a good deal if you order a taxi before you leave because you don't have to pay the reservation fee, there is a big chance you won't be able to catch one because there are so few of them. This means that if you are far from a train station like us, or if you are thinking of taking a taxi to an industrial estate, the transport costs will be higher than ever before. If you want to go to the station, you can take the Kuki City Circulation Bus for 100 yen, although the frequency is low.

 It seems that we have come to a time when it is becoming more and more difficult to continue the cheap and good quality service we have had until now because of these high prices and energy prices.